Category 13 - IPM Intergrated Pest Management in Schools

This is a one-day 4-hour class.  This class is designed to be used in lieu of 40 hrs of on-the-job training.   In addition, you must also take the Basic Pesticide Training Class  to be certified.


For Category 8A / General Public Health, this course is only valid for Re-Certification Credits. 

COST: $135 


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This category is required for ANY pesticide applicator that makes pesticide applications in schools or on school property, for New Jersey schools below the college level.  ‘Schools below college level’ is meant to include all pre-schools and early childhood learning centers.

Category 13 is required for all pesticide applicators hired by schools to perform pest control services.  Commercial Mosquito Control and Right-of-Way applicators (not hired by the school) are exempt for work performed on school property during the normal course of their work, but will have other notification responsibilities to schools.

School IPM: New Jersey School IPM Model Policy and Plan

In New Jersey, all public, private, and charter schools are required to adopt an IPM Policy that includes a school-specific IPM Plan. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) in cooperation with the New Jersey School Boards Association, the Commissioner of Education, and Rutgers Cooperative Extension produced a Model School IPM Policy for for New Jersey Schools (PDF) for use by the schools. The Model Policy (last revised 9/03) stipulated that the school would also issue a plan of how School IPM would be implemented by June 12, 2004. (Click here to continue reading and to download the NJ School Model Policy and Plan)



NJ DEP Credits - Cat 3A - Ornamental Pest Control - 1 / Cat 3B - Turf Pest Control - 1 / Cat 7A - General & Household Pest Control - 4 / Cat 7B - Termites & Other WDI - 1 / Cat 8A - General Public Health - 3 / Cat 13 IPM in Schools - 9  (Updated 5/20)

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NJ Health


NJ Public Health Credits - 4.0

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PA Dept of Ag. Credits - Cat 6 - Ornamental and Shade Trees - 1 / Cat 7 - Lawn & Turf - 1 / Cat 11 - Household/Health Related - 4 / Cat 12 - Wood Destroying Pests - 1 / Cat 23 - Park/School Pest Control - 8

NJDEP Approved Training Manuals are available from your local Rutgers Extension Office.   Click here for details


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You can also earn Cat 13 Re-Certification Credits by attending our Online workshops this fall.

Fall Conference Online Workshop

September 29th & 30th  | 8am - 1pm

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Pest ID Online Workshop

October 29th   | 8am - 930am

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On-Line Webinar

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Webinar - NJDEP Exam Prep - Click date below to Register.

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  • Applicators with a License/Recertification Period expiring October 31, 2021 will be given an exemption from the NJDEP online credit cap of 25% and are eligible for all credits, otherwise this exemption does not apply.  Click HERE to read more.
  • Government issued photo ID is required and will be verified prior to and immediately after the  meeting (i.e. will not be video recorded)
  • Attendees must be visible throughout the entire session (with live video on) and must stay to the end.
  • Polls will be randomly scheduled, & attendance will be visually monitored by a moderator.
  • Call-ins (audio only) are not eligible for pesticide recertification credits; you need a computer/phone/tablet with *live* video capability.

THE NJ Health and PA Dept. of Ag Credits remain in effect.  (see above)



Middlesex County (Piscataway)

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9am to 1pm

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Morris County (Morris Twp)

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Union County (Westfield)

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Monmouth County (Freehold)

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General & Household Pest Control - Webinar


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