NJPMA Management Meetings, Workshops and Credentialing Classes

We've developed a series of meetings and workshops designed to bring you and your staff more than our Continuing Education Classes.

Earn Credits! Step up your Game!  Position yourself and your staff above the rest.

Credentialing Classes

Our Credentialing Classes focus on a single topic with the intent to set the students above the competition.  Credentialing is awarded to those who pass all tests and/or complete assigned paperwork and have a Certain Category license from the NJDEP.    It is a way of telling clients that you are qualified to represent and to protect their interests.

Over the tow past years, the NJPMA has Credentialed Pesticide Industry Technicians in WDI and Food Safety.

Management Meetings

Our Management Meetings are designed to help you make smarter Business Decisions.  Whether its how to hire staff in a digital age, investing wisely, or protecting your assets from potential lawsuits.  Our experts can help you learn what is available and how to get started.


Sometimes we  design our workshops to give you more in-depth info in a certain category.  Our recent Wildlife & Animal Control workshop gave great insight into an area where many companies are doing animal control or those companies wishing to offer this service or those who may want to do this work on a limited basis. This workshop discussed best practices in addressing these calls and resolving the issue legally and safely based on both NJ State law and best practices.

Our PestID Workshop advanced the pest ID skills of participants through an in-depth, hands on arthropod identification session.  Boxes of mounted speciments and were observed using hard-lenses.

Many of our Workshops award CE Credits in their respective Categories.

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