You've taken your Pesticide Training Class, now its time to schedule your NJDEP Exam.    Follow these 3 steps to register for an exam through the NJ DEP.


1. Choose a date from the  NJDEP Exam Schedule.

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2. Complete The Application for NJ DEP Pesticide Certification Exam and Mail it to the NJ DEP along with your Certificate of Attendance you received at your class.

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3. Commercial Pesticide Applicator Exam Sign-Up Instructions (CORE & Category)

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Verify the Date of Your Exam

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Don't Forget to Study.  Training Manuals are available from your local Rutgers Extension Office.  Click Here for Details.

Results Are Available 2 Weeks After Test Date

If your last name begins with the letters:

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For Additional Assistance, Please Contact The NJDEP


NJ DEP Website Links

NJDEP Website

Reciprocal Licensing

Pesticide Training Manuals

Pesticide Business Licensing

Pay For Your License Online

Look Up Your License Invoice Number

Beekeeper Notification

Pesticide Control Code


DEP Licensing Process - (609) 984-6507

General DEP Questions - (609) 984-6507

Schedule Your Exam with the DEP - (609) 984-6614


NJ DEP Contact Info

Questions related to courses should be emailed to pestcertcourses@dep.nj.gov.

Please visit the NJDEP website www.pcpnj.org for periodic updates of invoice numbers and credits.


Exams & Licensing

Grant, Tiana - 609-292-4911

Tangie Hunter – 609-984-6893


Pesticide Exams, Licensing, and Products

Chief - Conti, Patricia - 609-984-6868 - trish.conti@dep.nj.gov

Pesticide Unit Supervisor - Taroco, Joanne - 609-777-1009 - Joanne.Taroco@dep.nj.gov

Reciprocal and Pesticide Business Licensing – Joanne Taroco - 609-777-1009 – Joanne.Taroco@dep.nj.gov

Product Registration and Pesticide Operators - Strano, Brittney - 609-984-6652 - Brittney.Strano@dep.nj.gov

Pesticide Exams – Andrea Wagner - 609-9846614 - Andrea.Wagner@dep.nj.gov

Continuing Education – Andrea Wagner - 609-984-6614  -  PestCertCourses@dep.nj.gov