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Upcoming EPA Online Workshops

EPA’s Center for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) hosts an ongoing series of webinars featuring experts from across the country relaying educational information and practical strategies for establishing and improving integrated pest management programs. Also featured are smart, sensible, and sustainable strategies for addressing specific pest issues.

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Fungal Disease Management for Ornamental Plants

Tuesday, May 7th, 2024  | 2-330pm 

Fungal pathogens are imported into the U.S. on ornamental plants with regularity. These pathogens can have significant impacts on the ornamental plant and landscape industries. In this webinar, participants will receive an introduction to common fungal diseases of ornamental plants and their prevention and management. The origins of fungal pathogens on imported plants, their identification, as well as the causes of occurrences with plant production facilities will be discussed. Our expert will describe the importance of Integrated Pest Management, including the role of cultural practices, non-chemical controls, and the selective use of fungicides. Highlights of current research and practical control experiences will be shared.


  • Jean Williams-Woodward, Ph.D., Extension Plant Pathologist, University of Georgia Department of Plant Pathology | 3313 Miller Plant Sciences Building | Athens, GA 30602 ; cell: 706-540-7738
  • Moderator: Marcia Anderson, Ph.D., U.S. EPA Center for Integrated Pest Management

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