Preparation to take the required exams for pesticide applicator certification in New Jersey should include reading and studying the information contained in the training manual(s) specific to the type of certification desired. Private applicators need only the ‘Private’ manual; pesticide dealers need only the ‘Dealer’ manual; commercial applicators will need the ‘Core’ manual plus the corresponding manual for each of the commercial categor(ies) for which they desire certification.

The following manuals may be purchased at your local county Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) Cooperative Extension office. Be sure to call first to check availability. If you you need assistance with locating a County office that carries the Pesticide Applicator Training Manuals, please contact The Rutgers Pest Management Office at 848-932-9802.

Manuals may also be purchased online by clicking HERE to visit the Rutgers Extension Office Online Portal.  You must login to your account or create a new account to add to your cart.

The table below identifies each manual title with its corresponding Certified Pesticide Applicator number (CPA #). It also specifies the current revision date and cost  (effective February 1, 2017) of each manual. These versions of the manuals contain information from which the Private, Dealer, and Commercial and 13 separate commercial category certification exams are derived.  So, verify that the print date of the manual that you are using to study for your exam(s) matches the date(s) in the table below.


Certification Type Training Manual Title CPA # Revision Date Cost
Private Applicator  Private Applicator PRIVATE Oct 2013 20.00
Pesticide Dealer Pesticide Dealer DEALER Nov 1994 25.00
Commercial Applicator Core Pesticide Training CORE June 2009 40.00
Commercial Category Plant Agricultural Pest Control 1A Sept 2006 45.00
Commercial Category Animal Agricultural Pest Control 1B Mar 1999 25.00
Commercial Category Forest Pest Control 2 Jan 2008 35.00
Commercial Category Landscaping: Ornamentals, Turf & Interior Plantscape Pest Control 3ABC Jan 2006 45.00
Commercial Category Seed Treatment 4 Sept 1977 25.00
Commercial Category Aquatic Pest Control 5 Oct 2011 25.00
Commercial Category Right-of-Way Pest Control (plus NJ supplement, June 2015) 6 Aug 2012 45.00
Commercial Category General & Household Pest Control 7A June 2016 35.00
Commercial Category Termites & Other Wood-destroying Insects Pest Control 7B July 2014 35.00
Commercial Category Fumigation Pest Control 7C July 1997 20.00
Commercial Category Food Manufacturing & Processing Pest Control 7D Aug 1981 20.00
Commercial Category Wood Preservation Pest Control 7E Aug 1984 20.00
Commercial Category Tri-Butyltin & Antifoulants Pest Control 7F Mar 1991 20.00
Commercial Category General Public Health Pest Control 8A Oct 1997 20.00
Commercial Category Mosquito Pest Control 8B Jan 2010 35.00
Commercial Category Campground Pest Control 8C 1979 20.00
Commercial Category Cooling Tower Pest Control 8D 1989 20.00
Commercial Category Sewer Line Pest Control 8E Sept 1995 20.00
Commercial Category Pet Groomer Pest Control 8F 1989 20.00
Commercial Category Regulatory Pest Control 9 1987 20.00
Commercial Category Demonstration & Research Pest Control 10 1985 20.00
Commercial Category Aerial Application Pest Control 11 Dec 1995 20.00
Commercial Category Antimicrobial/Swimming Pool & Ethylene Oxide Pest Control 12AB Sep 1994 20.00
Commercial Category Integrated Pest Management in Schools 13 May 2008 35.00