NJpma 2021 NPMA LD

March 16-17, 2021   |   Washington, DC   |   Virtual Event


Your association misses seeing you, and we know you miss seeing your peers. 2020 was a challenging year, but as we have proven time and time again, our industry will persevere. We are resilient, strong and adaptable. Our industry has survived and grown during this very difficult time. So let’s put one foot in front of the other and move forward.

NPMA Legislative Day will look different. DC is closed. But with a new Congress, we need your voices and can’t take a break because of a pandemic. We need you to talk to your Senators and Congressmen and tell them why we are an essential service and with all of the new Congress people we need to tell them WHY and HOW we are protectors of public health, food and property. And we have a path forward for you to do just that.

It will look different. But your voices will resonate and be heard. And we can promise you, as soon as DC opens and we can meet face-to-face, NPMA will be first in line (we’re a little pushy) to get us together.

We simply cannot allow the COVID closure of the Hill stop us from educating the new Congress about the essential nature of our industry.


NPMA will set up two Senate visits and one House visit based on the address you provide at registration. Your NPMA team will set up a virtual meeting with Congressional offices (and this is what they are doing now so this is not new to Congress). We are committed to bringing you industry issue discussion training for your virtual Hill visit, industry issues overview and of course, Hill outreach. We’d like to say from the "comfort of your home or office" but during this time we need to be a little "uncomfortable". These issues impact your daily work and livelihood and your focus and commitment to driving positive legislation in our industry is not going to always be "comfortable". Rather, it should be focused, well-spoken and decisive. NPMA will help you with the messaging for all on the Hill.

Remember as well, the number one priority will be educating new members of Congress about our industry. There will be many first-time representatives who have no idea how we protect public health, and if we don’t share that message on our Hill Day, they may only hear from anti-pesticide activists. We expect multiple bills that would remove preemption nationwide and institute arbitrary product bans, so we need you to help members of Congress understand how we protect public health and to push back against specific legislation.


Are you in? It’s your industry and your livelihood. So, make plans today to attend NPMA’s 2021 Legislative Day on March 16-17 and make your voice heard. Click here to register today. When we speak with one voice, we can get it done. Let’s show Congress what we’re made of – strength, spirit and commitment in our role as protectors of public health, food and property.

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