A Message from Our President

Dear Fellow Professional PCO’S,


It is my honor and privilege to be your President of what is considered one of the best Professional Pest Management Associations in our country, the “New Jersey Pest Management Association”.

NJPMA has always been on the leading edge of technology, regulations, legislation, and sound business practices that continue to enhance our industry for over 80 years now. Over that time, we have had different names, different Presidents and Directors as well as many challenges, but the one constant is the dedication of the professionals that make up our association.

This year we are faced with our biggest challenge yet, “Covid-19”. As an industry we use science, common sense, and the great partnerships that we have with our manufacturers, universities, and the National Pest Management Association to validate that we were deemed “Essential” early on in this pandemic. We worked with our partners to educate, train, and ensure that we can continue to protect the food, property and health of our workers, customers, and community.

As we all get through this together, the NJPMA continues to be a resource and brethren that will enhance the well-being of our industry and community.

Thank You for this opportunity to serve as your President.



William T Hoffman

President, NJPMA



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