A Message from Our President

Fellow PCO's,

I am proud to follow my good friend Bill Hoffman and represent you for the next 2 years as the President of NJPMA. Thanks to Bill and all the the great leaders that came before him, NJPMA has been and will continue to be a strong advocate representing our collective interests in NJ and at the national level. 

Never forget that WE ARE ESSENTIAL! We are fortunate to be part of an industry tasked with a great mission - Protectors of public heath, property and our food supply. We do important work. 

As stakeholders we all have an interest in the growth and protection of this great industry. Our lives and the lives of our employees depend on it. I would argue our customers are also stakeholders. 

I love this industry. ​It has so much to offer, and its low barrier of entry makes it possible for anyone with a work ethic to start and build a business. It's a simple business model with an essential mission, great people, interesting work, recurring revenue, great margins, recession resistant and even pandemic resistant. 

We have challenges ahead. We will continue to deal with a tough labor market, supply chain delays, inflation, and never ending anti-pesticide legislation at the state and national level.  

Rest assured we will get through this together, and NJPMA will continue to be your advocate and resource that will enhance and protect the well being of our industry.

Thank you for the privilege to serve you as President. 



Bill Cowley

President, NJPMA


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