NJPMA Master Technician Program

MT Badge 200

Position Yourself ABOVE The Competition!

The NJPMA Master Technician Certification program will elevate your personal and professional brand as well as being an important consideration for consumers when selecting a Pest Control Professional.  NJPMA's Master Tech Program offers a wide range of certification programs for Pest Control Professionals allowing them to be a Master Tech in their chosen disciplines.

Here is how the program works:

Participation in the Master Technician Program is designed to highlight ongoing education in the Pest Management Industry and a commitment to excellence. While no Company/PMP can reasonably be expected to attain mastery in all fields of pest control the following areas are set forth as required Core curriculum:

  • Entomology 101

  • Pesticides 101

  • Safety Basics

  • Equipment

  • Urban Pest Control

Additional fields of specialty are listed below. The Master Technician must select at least 4 of the following areas to be considered in this program.  An applicant/ participant is free to select more than 4 areas of additional specialty but they must fulfill credit hour requirements for each individual category. The additional areas of specialty are set forth as Modules (must select 4):

Wood Destroying Insects

Commercial Food Handling

Residential Pest Control

Public Health

Wildlife Control

School IPM

It is important to note that while a single class, course or training event may satisfy several of the above categories, the same course cannot be used in multiple categories. For example, an applicant attending an Insect Identification Course has the option to put the class under either “Entomology 101” or “Urban Pest Control” but the one class cannot satisfy BOTH credit requirements. The goal of this reporting form is to verify quantity, quality and diversity of training and as such, additionally, taking an identical course multiple times within a 2 year period cannot be used within the same category.