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(CEU) revised ALERT (issued August 19, 2021)


Based on the current COVID 19 public health emergency, the Department has extended an interim policy allowing 100% online CEUs for remaining credits to accommodate for applicators whose 5-year recertification cycle ends October 31, 2021 and 2022.

Numerous online CEU courses are available and the Department continues to work directly with course providers to maintain an adequate number of online courses and CEUs while ensuring providers adhere to minimal online modality standards including student ID verification and class monitoring. 

Based on this interim policy, license recertification dates will not be extended. The Department anticipates that those licenses expiring in 2023 and beyond will be held to the standard maximum of 25% online training CEUs, however further policy adjustments will be considered based on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

NJDEP 25% Credit Online Limitations

CORE - 2 Credits

All Categories - 4 Credits Each

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Live NJPMA Online Classes and Workshops have been granted the ability to award 100% of Credits available to all attendees. 


Since the NJPMA's Online Classes are conducted Live (Not recorded), and we require everyone to check-in, show us their ID and remain on camera for the duration of the class, we have been granted the ability to award all credits to all attendees no matter what year of Re-Certification Eligibility they are in.  If you are not certian how many credits you can earn for an online class or workshop, please email us at

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Please visit the NJDEP website for periodic updates of invoice numbers and credits.


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Chief - McConville, Michael: 609-984-6568 -



Robert Harkins: 609-633-9876  (Northern Enforcement)

Nancy Santiago: 609-984-6914  (Southern, Enforcement, Agriculture, School IPM)

Hollie Ezze: 609-984-6666 - (Licensing and Registration, Permits, Southern Enforcement)


Program Leads:

Stephen Bross - Reciprocal License and Outreach: 609-984-6953 -

Brittney Strano - Operators and Product Registration: 609-984-6652 -

Andrea Wagner - Continuing Education: 609-984-6614 -

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