Current Members: Current NJPMA members may post jobs on the NJPMA website for free. The membership year runs July 1 through June 30. To update or renew membership, click HERE.

We require that all job postings adhere to meet our minimum requirements.  We require those who offer employment on our website to pay above the minimum wage ($16.00 plus per hour), offer summer as well as full-time positions or internships, and most of all, provide comprehensive training. A well-trained person is more apt to have pride in their work and stay within this industry.  We must pay a livable wage with benefits if we are to attract people to our industry. Our association is working hard to promote professionalism and have each and every member grow with us.

Non-Members: Pest Management Companies and other industry entities may join the NJPMA.  For details click HERE.

Please email your Job Postings to us at  Please submit your posting as you would like to displayed within our format using this form ( Click HERE to download ).    We will not edit or re-write your submission.   Postings will be removed after 60 days unless notified via email to renew for another 30 days.