NJ DEP Pesticide Regulations


New Jersey Administrative Code Title 7 Chapter 30
Subchapters 1-13

Please note that the following are nonjudicial versions of the NJDEP/Pesticide Control Program regulation subchapters and are provided as a public service. The text contained, however, should accurately reflect the judicial text as printed in the New Jersey Administrative Code.

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Subchapter 1 - Scope and Definitions

7:30-1.1 Scope
7:30-1.2 Definitions
7:30-1.3 through 1.10 (Reserved)


Subchapter 2 - Pesticide Product Registration and General Requirements, Prohibited and Restricted Use Pesticides

7:30-2.1 Registration
7:30-2.2 Registrations pursuant to the provisions of sections 18 and 24(c) of FIFRA
7:30-2.3 Experimental use permits
7:30-2.4 Refusal, cancellation or suspension of a pesticide registration
7:30-2.5 Right of Entry or collection of samples
7:30-2.6 Records
7:30-2.7 General requirements
7:30-2.8 Order to secure or impound; Disposition of pesticides
7:30-2.9 Prohibited pesticides
7:30-2.10 Restricted use pesticides
7:30-2.11 Amending prohibited and restricted-use pesticide lists
7:30-2.12 Advertising


Subchapter 3 - Pesticide Dealers

7:30-3.1 General requirements
7:30-3.2 Certification
7:30-3.3 Licensing
7:30-3.4 License renewal
7:30-3.5 Continuing certification
7:30-3.6 Right of entry or collection of samples
7:30-3.7 Records
7:30-3.8 Sale of restricted use pesticides
7:30-3.9 Sale of general use pesticides
7:30-3.10 Assignment of work
7:30-3.11 Denial, suspension, or revocation of pesticide dealer license
7:30-3.12 Reciprocity
7:30-3.13 Container and Containment Rule


Subchapter 4 - Pesticide Dealer Business

7:30-4.1 Licensing
7:30-4.2 Records
7:30-4.3 Sale of restricted use pesticides
7:30-4.4 Sale of general use pesticides
7:30-4.5 Right of entry or collection of samples
7:30-4.6 Assignment of work
7:30-4.7 Denial, suspension, or revocation of pesticide business license
7:30-4.8 Container and Containment Rule


Subchapter 5 - Commercial Pesticide Operators


7:30-5.1 General requirements
7:30-5.2 Training
7:30-5.3 Licensing
7:30-5.4 License renewal
7:30-5.5 Records
7:30-5.6 Right of entry or collection of samples
7:30-5.7 Denial, suspension, or revocation of commercial pesticide operator license
7:30-5.8 Requirement for commercial pesticide operator certification and licensing as pesticide applicators
7:30-5.9 (Reserved)


Subchapter 6 - Commercial Pesticide Applicators


7:30-6.1 General requirement and exemptions
7:30-6.2 Certification and training
7:30-6.3 Categories
7:30-6.4 Licensing
7:30-6.5 License renewal
7:30-6.6 Recertification
7:30-6.7 Right of entry or collection of samples
7:30-6.8 Records
7:30-6.9 Denial, suspension, or revocation of commercial pesticide applicator license
7:30-6.10 Purchase of restricted use pesticides
7:30-6.11 Responsibility for commercial pesticide operators
7:30-6.12 Assignment of work
7:30-6.13 Reciprocity
7:30-6.14 Container and Containment Rule


Subchapter 7 - Pesticide Applicator Businesses


7:30-7.1 Licensing
7:30-7.2 Right of entry or collection of samples
7:30-7.3 Records
7:30-7.4 Financial responsibility
7:30-7.5 Assignment of work
7:30-7.6 Denial, suspension, or revocation of pesticide applicator business license
7:30-7.7 Responsibility of pesticide applicator business for actions of employees
7:30-7.8 Advertising
7:30-7.9 Container and Containment Rule


Subchapter 8 - Private Pesticide Applicators


7:30-8.1 General requirements
7:30-8.2 Certification
7:30-8.3 Licensing
7:30-8.4 License renewal
7:30-8.5 Continuing certification
7:39-8.6 Special licenses
7:30-8.7 Right of entry or collection of samples
7:30-8.8 Records
7:30-8.9 Purchase of restricted use pesticides
7:30-8.10 Assignment of work
7:30-8.11 Denial, suspension, or revocation of private pesticide applicator license
7:30-8.12 Reciprocity
7.30-8.13 Responsibility for the action of employees
7:30-8.14 Container and Containment Rule


Subchapter 9 - Pesticide Exposure Management


7:30-9.1 (Reserved)
7:30-9.2 Mosquito/fly control permits
7:30-9.3 Aquatic pesticide permits
7:30-9.4 Aquatic notification
7:30-9.5 Storage of pesticides
7:30-9.6 Containers and container labeling
7:30-9.7 Disposal
7:30-9.8 Emergency containment and disposal of pesticides
7:30-9.9 Pesticide application and safety equipment
7:30-9.10 Notification: community or areawide applications
7:30-9.11 Notification to apiarists (beekeepers)
7:30-9.12 Notification: household or structural pest control
7:30-9.13 Notification: turf or ornamental applications
7:30-9.14 School notification
7:30-9.15 General notification
7:30-9.16 General agricultural notification
7:30-9.17 Reporting of pesticide spills
7:30-9.18 Accidental pesticide misapplication and spills


Subchapter 10 - Pesticide Use


7:30-10.1 Restriction of pesticide use
7:30-10.2 Pesticide use and/or application
7:30-10.3 Rodent baiting
7:30-10.4 Restrictions on use of termiticides
7:30-10.5 Additional restrictions on the use of organochlorine termiticides
7:30-10.6 Aerial application of pesticides
7:30-10.7 Pesticide contamination cleanup
7:30-10.8 Assessment of fees for sample analysis
7:30-10.9 Submission of data on pesticide distribution or use


Subchapter 11 - Pesticide Grace Period Regulations


7:30-11.1 Grace period
7:30-11.2 Violation table


Subchapter 12 - Agricultural Worker Protection

7:30-12.1 General duties and prohibited actions
7:30-12.2 Standard for workers
7:30-12.3 Restrictions associated with pesticide applications
7:30-12.4 Worker entry restrictions
7:30-12.5 Notice of applications to workers
7:30-12.6 Providing specific information about applications
7:30-12.7 Notice of application to handler employers
7:30-12.8 Worker pesticide safety training
7:30-12.9 Posted pesticide safety information
7:30-12.10 Decontamination
7:30-12.11 Emergency assistance
7:30-12.12 Standard for pesticide handlers
7:30-12.13 Restrictions during applications
7:30-12.14 Providing specific information about applications
7:30-12.15 Notice of applications to agricultural employers
7:30-12.16 Pesticide safety training for handlers
7:30-12.17 Knowledge of labeling and other site specific information
7:30-12.18 Safe operation of equipment
7:30-12.19 Posted pesticide safety information
7:30-12.20 Handler personal protective equipment
7:30-12.21 Handler decontamination
7:30-12.22 Emergency assistance
7:30-12.13 (Reserved)


Subchapter 13 - Integrated Pest Management in Schools

7:30-13.1 Scope and Purpose
7:30-13.2 Integrated Pest Management Plan
7:30-13.3 Integrated Pest Management Coordinator
7:30-13.4 Records
7:30-13.5 Annual notification
7:30-13.6 Notification: other than low impact pesticide use
7:30-13.8 Other than low impact pesticide applications: prohibitions
7:30-13.9 Enforcement action

NJ DEP Decals

Posting Requirements:


Multi-Family Residence Decal

  • 15 Sq Inches & Legible from 3 feet
  • Left for at least 60 Days after treatment
  • Applicatopr Information (Name & Telephone)
  • Contain Statement; "As part of a good sanitation program, this faciltiy may be treated with pesticides.  See the manager or building administrator for further information."
  • Must conform to advertising requirements - NJAC 7:30-2.12 Advertising
  • Kitchen cabinet or closet door

Example Multi-Family Decal


Pesticide Control Program

Record Keeping Policy


Since incorporating federal rules on record keeping into our own rules, there is an obvious need for policy guidance when it comes to amount of pesticide used. The new rules call for recording the total amount of concentrate used, and the total amount of diluent used


Click Here to Read More.


Pesticide Applicator or Dealer Storage Inventory and Cover Letter Submittal Due May 1st to your local Fire Department.


All licensed pesticide applicators and dealers who store pesticides are required per N.J.A.C. 7:30-9.5 to maintain a list of the pesticides stored or likely to be stored during the license year.   Click below to download the Pesticide Storage Inventory Form and Cover Letter from the Rutgers NJAES Pest Management Office.


Pesticide Applicator Records & Forms    Download