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Category 3A & 3B - Landscape Pest Control

These are one-day 6-hour Pesticide Training Classes.  This class is designed to be used in lieu of 40 hrs of on-the-job training.   In addition, you must also take the  Basic Pesticide Training for CORE Certification Class  to be certified.  


COST: $145 each


Who MUST be certified in Categories 3A and 3B? 

* You MUST be certified if you are hired to treat Ornamental Beds and/or Lawns with Pesticides for insects.

* You MUST be certified if you are hired to treat Cracks and Crevices with EPA Registered Weed Killer such as RoundUp, etc.


* You do not need to be certified in 3A and 3B if you JUST apply Fertilizer.  To learn about the Professional Fertilizer Applicator Certification, please click HERE to go to the Professional Fertilizer Applicator Certification and Training website.

If You Have Any Questions or Difficulties Registering for This or Any Other Class.

Please Contact The NJPMA by Emailing classes@njpma.com or by calling us at: 800-524-9942

Checking your NJDEP Credits is Easy!

1.    To look up your credit history click HERE:

2.    Scroll down to: Commercial Certified Pesticide Applicators - Specific Information

3.    Enter Requested information.

4.    Click Submit


NJ DEP Credits -

3A Ornament Pest Control Class - 12

3B Turf Pest Control Class -12

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PA Plants

PA Dept of Ag. Credits -

3A Ornament Pest Control Class: CORE - 6 / Cat 6 - Ornamental & Shade Trees - 6 / Cat 23 - Park/School Pest Control - 6

3B Turf Pest Control Class: CORE - 6 / Cat 07 - Lawn & Turf - 6 / Cat 23 - Park/School Pest Control - 6


NJDEP Approved Training Manuals are available from your local Rutgers Extension Office. 

Click here for details

Classes conducted by:

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3A Ornamental Pest Control

3B Turf Pest Control

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Become NJDEP Certified in Category 8B Mosquito / Tick Pest Control  -  Click Here to Learn More!

Private Classes

Contact us about our Basic Pesticide Training / CORE and Category 3A & 3B Private Classes.   We will train your staff at your office when its convenient for you!  Days, Evenings Weekends.

Email - ClassesEMS@Gmail.com


3B - Turf Pest Control - Monmouth County


Basic Pesticide Training / CORE - Burlington County


Basic Pesticide Training / CORE - Monmouth County


Basic Pesticide Training / CORE - Bergen County


Bat Management Workshop for NWCOs