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If you are already a Licensed Applicator and attending this class for Recertification Credits, you MUST have your Camera ON at all times. You must  be visible to moderators who will be taking periodic attendance.

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  • Registering here for any classes, other then the ones you have paid for will NOT give you access to the actual webinar.  Please Register on the individual category page under the Classes Menu above, BEFORE registering here.  (This is ONLY Step #2).


  • In order to be marked "Present" for this class, every Attendee MUST log-in to the Webinar from their own device (PC, or MAC) and use their own unique email address. Absolutely   No Sharing of devices or log-in.


  • GoTo Training will no longer support Internet Explorer.  To join trainings from a browser, please use Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. 


  • Due to Technical Issues, Smartphones and Tablets Are Not Permitted!


Requirements for those seeking NJDEP Credits:

  • Government issued photo ID is required and will be verified prior to and immediately after the  meeting (i.e. will not be video recorded)
  • Polls will be randomly scheduled, & attendee participation will be monitored by a moderator.
  • Call-ins (audio only) are not eligible for pesticide recertification credits or Exam Prep Cell Phones & Tablets are NOT Permitted.

IMPORTANT:  Everyone must register with a UNIQUE email address

Duplicates using the same email address will not be accepted.

If you should have any difficulties registering, please contact us via email: classes@njpma.com

Basic Pesticide Training in Spanish

September 19th | 5-9p

October 19th | 5-9p


Category 7A - General & Household Pesticide Training

September 20th | 9a-3p

October 11th | 9a-3p


Category 7B - Termites & Other Wood Destroying Insects Pesticide Training

September 13th & 14th | 9a-3p

 Exam Prep Attendees must attend both classes.

October 10th | 9a-3p - Re-Cert Credits ONLY


Category 8B - Mosquito & Tick Pesticide Training

September 12th | 9a-1p

October 12th | 9a-1p


Category 13 - School IPM Pesticide Training

September 26th | 9a-1p


Landscape Pesticide Training

3A - Ornamental - Exam Prep/Re-Cert Course

September 21th | 9a-3p

October 25th | 9a-3p

3A - Ornamental - 3 Hour Re-Cert Only Course

September 7th | 5-8pm

October 18th | 5-8pm

3B - Turf - Exam Prep/Re-Cert Course

September 28th | 9a-3p

October 26th | 9a-3p

3B - Turf - 3 Hour Re-Cert Only Course

September 20th | 5-8pm

October 19th | 5-8pm




Computer Audio

Use your microphone and speaker for audio. You'll sound best with a headset.

Click HERE to View system requirements.

(Microphone not required for class, but sometimes we open up the mics for Q&A Sessions)

If you should have any difficulties registering,

please contact us via email: classes@njpma.com

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