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If you are already a Licensed Applicator and attending this class for Recertification Credits, you MUST have your Camera ON at all times. You must  be visible to moderators who will be taking periodic attendance.

Join a test session.  Make sure your Audio and Video work with our education software.

Click HERE to test to your PC or Mac computer*.

* Phones and tablets are not permitted to take our courses.

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  • Registering here for any classes, other then the ones you have paid for will NOT give you access to the actual webinar.  Please Register on the individual category page under the Classes Menu above, BEFORE registering here.  (This is ONLY Step #2).


  • In order to be marked "Present" for this class, every Attendee MUST log-in to the Webinar from their own device (PC, or MAC) and use their own unique email address. Absolutely   No Sharing of devices or log-in.


  • GoTo Training will no longer support Internet Explorer.  To join trainings from a browser, please use Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. 


  • Due to Technical Issues, Smartphones and Tablets Are Not Permitted!


All Attendees MUST;

• Be ON TIME. Late comers will not receive credit for attending class. Don’t be late! We will have no choice but to turn you away.

• Email a copy of the attendee’s DRIVERS LICENSE and SELFIE taken at the beginning of class. You may begin sending 1/2 hour before class starts. No Earlier. Email ONLY to photoid@njpma.com Emails sent to other addresses will not be counted. Include attendee’s name in the email subject, as well as their Date of Birth & Last 4 of their Social Security # in the body of the message. All emails MUST BE RECEIVED by the time class starts. Prepare now.

• Any attendee seeking Re-Certification Credits must email a Copy of their NJDEP Applicator License.

• Any attendee seeking Re-Certification Credits must turn on their WEBCAM and be visible for the entire class

• All attendees Must take all quizzes that are presented during the class.

• This is a multimedia presentation.  Attendee must be able to see and hear our presenter and content. Test your computer in advance, including your speakers.

All Attendees MUST NOT:
• Attendee MAY NOT LEAVE EARLY, or LEAVE THE WEBINAR FOR ANY AMOUNT OF TIME (We will provide periodic breaks).
• Attendee MAY NOT take this class from their vehicle.
• Use a Phone or Tablet. They are not permitted to access this class.
• DO NOT SHARE LINKS, Everyone must log-in from their own account in order to be checked in to our system.


IMPORTANT:  Everyone must register with a UNIQUE email address

Duplicates using the same email address will not be accepted.

If you should have any difficulties registering, please contact us via email: classes@njpma.com

Category 7A - General & Household Pesticide Training

April 18th | 9a-3p

June 12th | 9a-3p

Category 7B - Termites & Other Wood Destroying Insects Pesticide Training

April 24 & 25th | 9a-3p

June 19 & 20th | 9a-3p

 Exam Prep Attendees must attend both classes.


Category 8B - Mosquito & Tick Pesticide Training

May 2nd | 9a-1p

June 27th | 9a-1p


Category 13 - School IPM Pesticide Training

May 29th | 9a-1p


Landscape Pesticide Training

3A - Ornamental - Exam Prep/Re-Cert Course

May 9th | 9a-3p

June 13th | 9a-3p


3A - Ornamental - 3 Hour Re-Cert Only Course

No Classes Scheduled at This Time - This Class will Return in the Fall of 2024

3B - Turf - Exam Prep/Re-Cert Course

April 17th | 9a-3p

May 23rd | 9a-3p

June 18th | 9a-3p

3B - Turf - 3 Hour Re-Cert Only Course

No Classes Scheduled at This Time - This Class will Return in the Fall of 2024




Computer Audio

Use your microphone and speaker for audio. You'll sound best with a headset.

Click HERE to View system requirements.

(Microphone not required for class, but sometimes we open up the mics for Q&A Sessions)

If you should have any difficulties registering,

please contact us via email: classes@njpma.com

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