Operator License3

You've taken your Basic Pesticide Training Class, now its time to submit your application to become an NJDEP Licensed Pesticide Operator.    


Complete The Application for NJ DEP Operator License.

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NJDEP Website Information about Pesticide Operators License

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Did your company change the Responsible Certified Applicator on Staff? 

No Problem, just submit this form to the NJDEP to have it updated.

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If you, as an Operator, change employers, you MUST re-take the Basic Pesticide Training Course.

For Additional Assistance, Please Contact The NJDEP


DEP Licensing Process - (609) 984-6507

General DEP Questions - (609) 984-6507

Schedule Your Exam with the DEP - (609) 984-6614 

NJ DEP Contact Info

Questions related to courses should be emailed to pestcertcourses@dep.nj.gov.

Please visit the NJDEP website www.pcpnj.org for periodic updates of invoice numbers and credits.


Exams & Licensing

Gerstnicker, Chrissy - 609-777-1012

Grant, Tiana - 609-292-4911


Pesticide Exams, Licensing, and Products

Chief - Conti, Patricia - 609-984-6868 - trish.conti@dep.nj.gov

Unit Supervisor/Permit Coordination Office - Taroco, Joanne - 609-777-1009 - Joanne.Taroco@dep.nj.gov

Reciprocal and Pesticide Business Licensing - Gaskill, Jason - 609-984-3646  -  Jason.Gaskill@dep.nj.gov

Product Registration - Strano, Brittney - 609-984-6652 - Brittney.Strano@dep.nj.gov

Pesticide Exams – TBA, for now- Taroco, Joanne - 609-777-1009 - Joanne.Taroco@dep.nj.gov

Continuing Education - Gaskill, Jason - 609-984-3646  -  Jason.Gaskill@dep.nj.gov

Compliance Operations & Coordination - TBA, for now- Taroco, Joanne - 609-777-1009 - Joanne.Taroco@dep.nj.gov