How To Get a NJDEP Pesticide License    

pesticide license

How to become a Licensed Pest Control Professional in New Jersey.


Everyone looking to become a Licensed Pest Control Professional in the state of New Jersey MUST take the Basic Pesticide Training Course.  You can register for this course by clicking HERE  


Once you have attended the Basic Pesticide Training Course in order to get an NJ DEP Pesticide Operators License, you need to mail in your Certificate of Attendance along with the Application for NJ DEP Pesticide Operator License to the address on the form.  Details on how to submit your paperwork can be found HERE


If you are looking to get your NJ DEP Pesticide Applicators License, then you will need to take the CORE Exam with the NJ DEP.  Instructions on how to schedule and exam can be found HERE.  


Need Additional Category Classes in order to work towards your Pesticide Applicators License (Commercial / Household or Landscape)?     All of our upcoming classes are posted on our website.  You can click HERE to see all that we have to offer. 


Need a manual to study for your upcoming exam?  They are available from the Rutgers Extension Offices.  Click HERE for details.



For Additional Assistance, Please Contact The NJDEP


NJ DEP Contact Info

Questions related to courses should be emailed to

Please visit the NJDEP website for periodic updates of invoice numbers and credits.


Bureau of Pesticide Control -Compliance and Enforcement, Licensing and Registration


Chief - McConville, Michael: 609-984-6568 -



Robert Harkins: 609-633-9876  (Northern Enforcement)

Nancy Santiago: 609-984-6914  (Southern, Enforcement, Agriculture, School IPM)

Hollie Ezze: 609-984-6666 - (Licensing and Registration, Permits, Southern Enforcement)


Program Leads:

Stephen Bross - Reciprocal License and Outreach: 609-984-6953 -

Brittney Strano - Operators and Product Registration: 609-984-6652 -

Andrea Wagner - Continuing Education: 609-984-6614 -