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The NJDEP has changed its website these are the appropriate links you will need to get you or someone working with you licensed.


The first thing you need to do is decide if you need a Pesticide Operator License or a Commercial Pesticide Applicator License.


What is the difference between a Commercial Pesticide Applicator and a Pesticide Operator?
A pesticide applicator must be certified by fulfilling the training requirements and passing the necessary exams. A pesticide operator must undergo the required training (see 7:30-5.2) and must become licensed, but is not required to take exams. A licensed pesticide operator may apply pesticides only under the direct supervision of a Commercial Pesticide Applicator. The pesticide applicator does not have to be physically present for a licensed pesticide operator to apply pesticides (in most cases). Both pesticide applicators and pesticide operators must be licensed.


You have three ways you can get licensed:

Option One - Pesticide Operator:  NO Test is required, a pesticide operator can apply pesticides by themselves as long as a certified pesticide applicator can be within phone contact or two hours’ drive time. The person is required to take a Basic Pesticide Training Course.  Have someone that is already licensed in the category sign the application saying that he or she has trained the applicant for 40 hours and a minimum of 15 pesticide applications.  Operators Application Form.

Option TwoCommercial Pesticide Applicator:  Two or more tests required depending on what you where you want to apply.   The applicant must attend a Basic Pesticide Training Course  and also attend a Pesticide Applicators Training Course in your desired category.  After you have attended the course you must submit an Exam Application Form with copies of you training class certificates.  Make sure you select three test dates if you don’t and the one date you chose fills up they will send back the form and you have to resubmit.

Option Three - If you have someone that is already licensed pesticide applicator in the category you are looking for and have taken the Basic Pesticide Course.  You can have that licensed pesticide applicator sign the training verification form saying that he or she has trained the applicant for 40 hours and a minimum of 15 pesticide applications.  Then just fill out the Exam Application Form applications and submit.

After you have your Applicators License don’t forget to Register your company as a Pesticide Business.   Pesticide Business Registration Form.  Application for the Initial Licensing of a Pesticide Applicator Business should be emailed to pestcertcourses@dep.nj.gov



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Questions related to courses should be emailed to pestcertcourses@dep.nj.gov

Please visit the NJDEP website www.pcpnj.org for periodic updates of invoice numbers and credits. 


Bureau of Pesticide Control -Compliance and Enforcement, Licensing and Registration


Chief - McConville, Michael: 609-984-6568 -  Mike.McConville@dep.nj.gov



Robert Harkins: 609-633-9876 -Robert.Harkins@dep.nj.gov  (Northern Enforcement)

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Hollie Ezze: 609-984-6666 - Hollie.Ezze@dep.nj.gov (Licensing and Registration, Permits, Southern Enforcement)


Program Leads:

Stephen Bross - Reciprocal License and Outreach: 609-984-6953 -  Stephen.Bross@dep.nj.gov

Brittney Strano - Operators and Product Registration: 609-984-6652 - Brittney.Strano@dep.nj.gov

Andrea Wagner - Continuing Education: 609-984-6614 -  PestCertCourses@dep.nj.gov