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Bed Bug Online Workshop

Thursday, January 28th  | 8am - 1pm   

Online Check-In and Online Exhibitor Presentations Begin at 7am!

We invite you to join us for the NJPMA Bed Bug  Onine Workshop.  This workshop will feature a mix of in-depth sessions featuring the latest research and technology in the pest management industry and how to combat rodents.  A great opportunity to directly reach the professionals working in the Bed Bug Pest Control Industry.


The Bed Bug Workshop will cover the following topics…


  • Bed Bug Basics: Developing a Bed Bug
    Management Program.
  • Bed Bugs in an Office Environment.
  • Understanding Why Pesticides May Not Be Effective.
  • Update on Bed Bugs: New Products and
    Concepts and How Covid-10 has impacted infestations.

Featured Speakers include:

  • Timothy P. Best, BCE, Assured Environments
  • Rick Cooper, Ph.D., Terminix
  • Stephen Kells, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
  • Jeff White, BCE, Bed Bug Central



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Registation fee 150

NJPMA Members - $65.00


Non-Members - $75.00



  • Applicators with a License/Recertification Period expiring October 31, 2021 will be given an exemption from the NJDEP online credit cap of 25% and are eligible for all credits, otherwise this exemption does not apply.  Click HERE to read more.
  • Government issued photo ID is required and will be verified prior to and immediately after the  meeting (i.e. will not be video recorded)
  • Attendees must be visible throughout the entire session (with live video on) and must stay to the end.
  • Polls will be randomly scheduled, & attendance will be visually monitored by a moderator.
  • Call-ins (audio only) are not eligible for pesticide recertification credits; you need a computer/phone/tablet with *live* video capability.
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PA Plants

NJDEP Credits*

Re-Certification Period Ending 10/31/2021

NJDEP Credits*

25% Online Credits Cap

NJ Public Health

NYDEC Credits

PA Dept Ag Credits

7A - General & Household Pest Control - 8

8A - Gen. Public Health - 8

10 - Demonstration & Research - 2


7A - General & Household Pest Control - 4

8A - Gen. Public Health - 4

10 - Demonstration & Research - 2

NJPHC - 5.0

7a - Structural & Rodent Control - 4.0

8 - Public Health Pest Control - 4.0

10 - Demonstration & Research - 4.0

Core - 2.0

11 - Household / Health Related - 4.0

23 - Park / School Pest Control - 4.0

Core - 2.0

NJDEP Credits will Apply to Applicator Licenses in time for Oct 31 Deadline.

* Applicators with a License/Recertification Period expiring October 31, 2021 will be given an exemption from the NJDEP online credit cap of 25% and are eligible for all credits, otherwise this exemption does not apply.  You will receive the credits as outlined in Column 2 above, if you have not already received Online Credits in a particular category.


PAYMENT/CANCELLATION POLICY:  During this time of increased demand for these courses we are doing our best to make sure we can get everyone who wants a course, into a course.  Due to Limited Capacity, we often sell out.  For this reason, we are strictly enforcing out Payment/Cancellation Policy.   All classes MUST be PAID at least two days in advance.  Cancellations are allowed as long as we are notified by email ( ) at least two days in advance.  No-shows forfeit their registration fee, however you may reschedule for a fee of $20.

This is a Joint Presentation by the NJPMA and the NYPMA