2017 - Atlantic City Aquarium

NJPMA - Southern Region 5th Week Training Series

June 30th 8a-12n - Atlantic City Aquarium

Proper use of Pesticides to be Successful, Profitable and Compliant. 


Thanks to our Speakers and Sponsors:

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Credits were earned in NJ and Pa while learning about:


  • The Tools of the Trade -What are the new tools,  PPE and Methods that are proven to be more effective and more efficient in applying the right amount of material to reduce call backs.


  • Common Pest Encounters in the Summer their Control -Basic biology, habitat and common sense solutions for common pests in the summer.

    • Wind, Rain, Drought and other environmental factors that affect your treatment.

    • Bees, Mosquitos, Ticks and Fleas, "Oh My".  How to protect your clients and employees from infestations and bites.


  • NJDEP Update - Bees and Mosquito's - Staying compliant and Competitive!


And then the fun really started:


* Tours of the Atlantic City Aquarium courtesy of the NJPMA!


* Deep sea fishing on The High Roller courtesy of our sponsors!


* Happy Hour at The Dock Side!  Drinks were on us while networking with fellow industry professionals! Beers with your Peers on the Pier!


 It's Cool, Go to School at The Beach!