2017 Clinic, Clambake and Trade Show

70th Annual Clinic, Clambake and Tradeshow


Your registration fee includes admittance to the Annual Trade Show, a valuable part of the Clinic program featuring vendors from our industry showcasing the latest products, equipment, and pest control services and techniques.  It provides an opportunity to learn about new products and equipment in a relaxed atmosphere, and the time to ask questions of the vendors.  Vendors are available throughout the morning, and until 2:45pm. Lunch will be served under the trade show tent.


Throughout the day, you can attend Clinics that meet your interests. When you register, you will be asked to sign-up for the clinics you wish to attend.  Remember you MUST provide your Pesticide License # for all states you are looking to accumulate credits in. Re-Certification Credits will be available for New Jersey Licensees and the following out-of-state attendees.  NY, PA, DE, MD, & CT


Morning General Session

Pesticide Saftey: What Can We Learn From Truck Accidents - Pesticide Spills - Fred Whitford Ph.D


Morning Concurrent Sessions

1) Pest Control (PCO-AM) - Controlling Rodents - James Rodriguez, A.C.E JT Eaton.

2) Termite Behavior and Liquid Control (WDI-AM) - Jason Meyers, MS, Ph.D. - BASF

3) Mosquitos - Knowing the Enemy - Joseph M. Conlon, Technical Advisor American Mosquito Control Association.


Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

1) Pest Control (PCO-PM) - Cockroach Allergens, Baits & the Sweet Science of Sugar Aversion in Cockroaches - Coby Schal, Ph.D North Carolina State University.

2) Wood Destroying Insects (WDI-PM) - Philip G Koehler, Ph.D. University of Florida.

3) Animal Control - Best Wildlife Practices - John C. Saccenti Career Institute.


Afternoon General Session

Bed Bugs: Tips on How to Manage this Formidable Foe. - Susan Jones Ph.D. - University of Florida

Insects vs. Humans: The Value of Pest Control - Phil Koehler, Ph.D - Univerisity of Florida


Registration is not yet open, watch for our announcement coming soon!



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