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NJPMA Member, Mary Vongas Graces the Cover of PMP!


Pest Management Professional December 2017 — Women in Pest Management are featutred in the December issue of Pest Management Professional as seven women share their journeys to success, and where they are heading next.

Mary Vongas, NJPMA Member and President of ChemTec of Saddle Brook, NJ, is on the cover, and tells her story. (Click here to read the entire article)


NJPMA Launches Campaign to Help Hurricane Victims


Livingston, NJ - September 12 2017 -  The New Jersey Pest Management Association has launched a campaign to aid the victims of the recent Hurricanes that have battered both Texas and Florida.  Len Douglen Executive Director of the NJPMA says "We are reaching out since this is a time of need that is unprecedented.  We are hoping we can inspire other state associations to do the same."

Members and Associates of the NJPMA are encouraged to give by clicking on this link + American Red Cross.



NJPMA Pres speaks with WCBS 880's Kelly Waldron Regarding The Fight Against Lyme Disease


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - June 4, 2017 — As WCBS 880’s Kelly Waldron reported, some people have advised that if you have a tick attached to your skin, you should take a hot match to it, drop some peppermint oil on it, or even cover it with gasoline.

But Paul Utts of the New Jersey Pest Management Association said there is one tried and true method for removing a tick.

“Really, it is about getting a nice pointed pair of tweezers, grabbing right at the base where it is inserted into the skin, and pulling straight out,” Utts said.

And with all the viruses ticks can carry, the last thing you want is to squeeze a tick’s body or keep a tick on your own body for any period of time.

If you are in a tick-prone area, Utts said you should use a permethrin-based spray on your clothing.

“Spray this on when you’re not wearing your clothes,” he said. “Let it dry and it will last for several washings.”

Click Here to Listen

to the Full Report.



NJPMA Names New Associate Director

Livingston, NJ - January 3, 2017 -  The New Jersey Pest Management Association names Ken Healy as its Associate Director.  Ken brings over 30 years of experience to NJPMA spending 20+ years working in Marketing,  Research and Software Development related to Television Industry.  Over the last ten years he has owned and operated his own Computer Consulting Firm.

Ken will be chiefly responsible for building and retaining membership in NJPMA, upgrading the associations techology, as well as the coordination of membership meetings and the development of continuing education opportunities.

Ken lives in Livingston, NJ with his wife, and two children.